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Quality Bottled Water

Life water is providing crisp, refreshing, great-tasting water. Here is how we make our bottled water taste so good. Not just any water makes it into our bottles. Each and every drop of water has to exceed all sorts of federal, state and company standards. In fact, our water tastes so crisp and refreshing because we go through multiple processing steps that are monitored closely at our manufacturing facility for each bottled water to ensure every container meets or exceeds our quality standards. Specifically federal and industrial bottled water quality standards establish limits for micro biological, physical, chemical and radiological substances for bottled water product. The result is bottled water that a crispy and refreshing taste every time you fill your glass.

Cleaning in our plant

RO plant needs to be cleaned. Our plant is cleaned on daily basis to keep the environment of plant neat and clean. There is also a RO Membrane Cleaning in which Membranes lie at the heart of any reverse osmosis system, it is therefore essential that the membranes are maintained in a good clean condition and this should be considered to be an important part of any reverse osmosis maintenance program. Effective cleaning usually requires some knowledge of the type of cleaning options available. We try our level best to ensure that our staff, environment, floors, laboratory, RO plant, bottles and most essentially water is clean and gem clear. After all, this all is about your health and we do not compromise on it. You can surely trust on our cleanliness and healthy environment.

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We Are Working Hard To Make Water Clean

Water Collection

Water is carefully collected and received through stainless steel pipes.

Filtration Process

Demineralization removes unwanted minerals by sand, multimedia filter & carbon filter.

Minerals addition

Selected minerals are added to cater to consumer taste preferences.

Ultraviolet Filtration

Ultra-violet filtration provides additional product disinfection.

Ozone Gas Process

Ozone gas Generator 5g process is followed for this refined water

Bacteria Killing

Water is then passed through control panel of American Bacteria Killer lamp.

Automated Bottle Filling

Fully Automatic Bottle Filling Machine is used in FreshLe.

Quality Assurance

Packaging quality assurance is conducted by human inspection.